PM Lee joined telegram today. You can find him here.

We thought it was a fantastic move.

Now finally another platform where we can connect with him and a scold him for the train breakdowns.

Seems like it was also launched in time for the upcoming NDR this Sunday (20 Aug) where he can use it to interact with Singaporeans further.

What a fine idea we thought.

BUT within the first few seconds trying it out, we immediately exclaimed

”What kind of kok is this!’ 

We were massively disappointed. 

Which high-flyer ”goondo’ recommended a  social media platform where everyone can only listen to him but cannot talk.

Really not sure where the value added-nesss is.

You may argue that Uber and Grab provide similar channels too.


But at least they are being used to provide useful promo codes!

Singaporeans would love to interact with PM Lee more but those looking to do so on his latest telegram channel will be sorely disappointed.