We came across this story on Give.asia, a fundraising platform to help those in need.


It was a mothers appeal for help after allegedly being ‘cheated’ by an Imam in Singapore.

My name is Mariam, and I was born in Philippines, formally known as Aura Sumbilla Minardo before I was converted to Islam.

My life story has been tragic so far, just because of I fell in love with someone who abandon me.

Back in 2012, when I was working in Singapore, I got to know this Imam Executive, and we started to have a steady relationship together. Because of his position in the mosque, we have to kept our relationship under wrap, and occasionally, I slept at his office where nobody knew I’m there.

My first pregnancy with him was in 2013, but he asked me to abort the kid, as I’m not a Muslim then, and it will tarnish his esteem reputation as ‘The Man of God’ in the Muslim community. I was very reluctant but due to my naiveness and I loved him so much, I decided to agree with his request to abort the unborn child.

Our relationship went on till 2015, and one fine day, he told me to apply leave which we proceed to Kuala Lumpur for a short holiday, and I thought we were meant for each other, so he wanted me to renounce my Christianity religion and convert to Islam, which I readily agree.

However, on our way back to Singapore, he broke the news to me that he will be marrying a Singapore girl, whose father is a prominent figure in the Muslim Community, and he even show me the wedding card. I was totally devastated, and felt totally cheated by his lies!

But, the bad news comes later on, and I found out I was pregnant again. When you’re in love with someone and being so stupid, you cannot think straight.

So, he and the Singapore Girl got married and I wouldn’t want to explain the nightmare of the wedding, but after their honeymoon, they came to me and asking me to abort the child, which I didn’t want to this time round. Under this circumstances, they have no choice but agree to care for me and my child, and next thing we know, he and myself were off to Thailand to register our marriage, on one condition that I remain silence about the arrangement, and nobody must know.

Later on, I went back to Philippines to give birth, as my family can take care of me there. He came over and spend some time with me and my new baby boy, whose name is Ahmad. I thought my nightmare was over, but that’s only the beginning.

During our marriage, I was told to keep away from him, and worst of all, he didn’t even care for his son, and provide maintenance for him. I confronted him and end up being abused by him, and eventually, he divorced me through SMS, and that’s when I totally woke up to reality, no point defending him for the way he treats me and my son.

I want to seek justice for myself and my son, and I also believe that by exposing his true self, people will know about his corrupted nature and stop believing his deceit and lies.

I hope through my appeal, to seek your kind help, as a women who had been cheated, to raise some money to engage a lawyer to help me. Even if through this platform, if any pro-bono lawyer can come forward, I will be greatly appreciated.

All I wanted is for him to be responsible for his conduct and behavior and pay his maintenance for his son!

Thank you for reading!

According to the documents uploaded on the site, the imam’s name is Abdul Hakeem Muhammad

We found out through the comments section that he was a staff of Masjid Sultan but is no longer working there since late last year.

(Loosely Translated: Imam no longer working in Sultan Mosque and has returned back to the Philippines due to personal reasons)

Netters are enraged that  a religious leader could treat  someone this badly

Granted, we are only hearing one side of the story but, Imam or not, Singaporean or otherwise, the allegations has smeared the good name of all religious teachers in Singapore.

Break up over SMS? Bullying by family members? Polygamy went bad?

Online speculations are rife.

This ceased to be a private affair once the mosque was implicated and the credibility of asatizahs were put on the line.

The Muslim community looked up to them for guidance. Do they practice what they preach?

Others have been CSI-ed for much less and authorities have been forced to acknowledge misconduct and clarify misconceptions.

The silence is deafening.