Someone created a page on his behalf and named it Salleh Marican for President

Mothership then picked up on a particular post which commented on the Hijab

in which, Salleh Marican’s team promptly alerted them that it was not run by them

So early kena  disinformation campaign sobo-ed.

More importantly why the sensitive hijab issue?

Because it is the biggest elephant in the room

If Halimah becomes the next president, her face will be on every office wall in the country.

As the election is reserved for the Malays, the hijab is the easiest tool to incite the community.

A president who can wear the tudung but not others in certain vocations becomes an easy target for those who want to drive a wedge along the community fault lines

Many learned (in one way or another) that the hijab has been heavily politicised (in Singapore and elsewhere too), it was never about allowing it or disallowing it i.e. even if the Muslim community can wear the tudung tomorrow, we will still have racism and discrimination in Singapore, along with our other socioeconomic issues.

The community needs to be resilient against such cheap tactics.