M Ravi was hauled up by ‘Mata’ earlier for criminal trespassing*

He tried to lawyer himself out of it but was still told that he was still under arrest.

Transcript here:

Mata: You are under arrest for criminal tresspassing on 17, 23 . . (inaudible)

Ravi: No no no, slow down. I dont understand

Mata: I repeat again, you are under arrest for criminal tresspassing on the 27, 23 and 17 (inaudible)

Ravi: Hold on Hold on, i need to understand..

Mata: Sure, you are under arrest . . .

A fight with an ex-colleague?

We think this might have to do with his run-in with ex-colleague Charles Yeo whom he allegedly hit on the head during a disagreement.

Charles has since been ridiculing him online and threatening him with the lawyers ever since.

A History of Mental Illness

Mr Ravi was diagnosed with bipolar disorder since 2006 — which is punctuated by episodes of mania and depression.

In 2012, Mr Ravi’s psychiatrist had diagnosed him as being hypomanic – a bipolar disorder characterised by a distinct period of elevated or irritable mood

In 2014, Mr Ravi created a ruckus at the Law Society of Singapore’s (LawSoc) premises, a few hours after it ordered him to stop his legal practice. The court subsequently recommended taking action against him.

“A sanction that disables the solicitor from practising for a time may be warranted by the need to protect the public and uphold confidence in the integrity of the profession even if that sanction might seem excessive if one looked at it purely from the perspective of whether, having regard to the actual culpability of the offender, the sanction was appropriate in the circumstances” – Court

Recently, he also asked for donations to fund his constitutional challenges in London, KL and Singapore against the Elected Presidency. The high court in Singapore dismissed his challenges because he had no legal standing to mount the challenge in the first place.

Nonetheless, his efforts gained international eyeballs after he live-streamed it on his FB page over multiple sessions.

M Ravi used for selfish reasons and loses out in the end

Where were the people who egged him on with staunch support behind the anonymity and comfort of their screens?

These were likely the very same people who egged on Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng and Amos Yee. Their egos deliberately inflated and they were made to play to the crowd but the support disappeared immediately the moment these characters got into trouble with the authorities.

Remember how The Reform Party fielded M Ravi and Roy Ngerng as candidates for GE2015? What were they thinking? Were they even taking Singapore seriously?

Foreign elements at play?

As a human rights lawyer, M Ravi was certainly useful in speaking up against the death penalty, which Singapore strongly advocated in its war against drugs – to the dismay of a handful of countries who pushed for a less hardline approach at the UN General Assembly in New York  last year (ST)

Could there foreign elements making use of M Ravi (using his erraticness as an excuse) to lobby against Singapore’s death penalty?  – after all his antics fit the anti-government narrative perfectly and his ‘craziness’ is a useful cover.

M Ravi just got arrested and the silence is deafening