A curious phenomenon occurred on Sunday afternoon.

In a sudden flood of posts made on his own Facebook on Sunday evening, Leong Sze Hian made a series of updates on Han Hui Hui’s situation.

Based on the posts which we have compiled here, it basically says she is a) held at airport and b) being deported. The posts also hinted that she is being ill-treated.



Netizens and followers kept asking the same question:

“WHICH AIRPORT?” and “DEPORTED TO WHERE?” in almost every post.

Leong conveniently kept radio silence on the obvious questions, and instead kept posting for a good one hour, until all went silent and he then went back to poking his nose into the FamiLEE saga.

4 hours later, Leong was back again with news of Han Hui Hui by sharing the following post:


Well this STILL doesn’t quite address the elephant in the room: “WHERE IS HAN HUI HUI?”

Even the usual hardcore CSI-ers in HWZ were guessing where Han is being held and where she will be deported to.


But it can also be said that they were more concerned with Leong’s post that Han weighs only 33kg.


And so as of publishing time, no one still has a clue where Han Hui Hui is!

What we can probably guess is, it looks like her bid for political asylum (rumour has it that she was gunning for somewhere in Europe?) is not going to happen anytime soon.

Perhaps while we wait, we can turn our attention to the Lee siblings, who may well decide on seeking political asylum since that is the ‘in’ thing to do these days for those who prefers a dramatic exit from Singapore.