I don’t know if ESM Goh will be happy when he reads the news these few days.

No, I am not talking about his reaction to the you-know-what. I meant the incidents where the people in Singapore were caught behaving ungraciously in public. ESM Goh had envisioned Singapore to be a gracious society. But going by what happened recently, this vision may not be realised so soon. Here’s why.

A gracious society doesn’t have couple who bullies and abuses elderly


The couple who insulted and abused an old uncle at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 hawker centre in April have been charged in court.

According to the media, Chow Chiun Yee was charged with one count of causing public nuisance and another count of using criminal force on 76-year-old Ng Ai Hua. Chow was seen shoving Ng in the back and had created a mess by pushing bowls and plates off the table. Tay Puay Leng, who allegedly used vulgarities on Ng, was charged with one count of harassment. The couple’s behaviour was caught on camera by a bystander and the video went viral online.

The couple has engaged a lawyer. For now, we are not sure if they will want to stand trial. For the charges they face, the couple can be fined, failed or both if found guilty. I think a fine will be most likely if a trial is not needed and if this is their first offence. We will know of their decision when they return to court in July.

A gracious society doesn’t have youngsters who suka suka throw a bicycle down an HDB block

ofo bike.jpg

A 14-year-old teenager had thrown an ofo bicycle down an HDB block. SERIOUSLY. The whole bike. The teenager has been arrested by the police. What’s wrong with people these days?! Thankfully, no one was hurt by this damn big killer litter. What were the teenager and his friend, who recorded what happened and then shared it around, thinking? Did they assume  they can get away lightly just because they are minors?

A gracious society doesn’t have people who set traps in public areas

dead otter.png

A life was reportedly lost at Marina Promenade. Authorities have found a dead otter in a cage at the area on the same day that a man was caught setting traps there. As of now, we don’t know if the cage where the dead otter was found was set up by this man. But one can’t help but wonder why the man was setting traps, and what kind of traps was he setting, at Marina Promenade? The otter family has become a popular and well-loved addition to our community. It would be foolish for anyone to even think of harming them. Hope the authorities can find out the real intention of this man and the cause of death of the deceased.