Yishun residents can now rejoice – a new hawker centre next to Yishun Park will open coming this September, offering 45 cooked food stalls and about 750 seats for Singaporeans. This was reported on Straits Times, CNA and TODAY.

Every stall will be required to have a minimum of a $3 basic meal, which ensures that meals are kept affordable for residents.

The best part: Pinball machines and arcade games will be available at the Games Square in the hawker centre.

Guess hawker centres have to go hipster now too.

NEA also said that sports matches will be aired on large screens on selected days, to promote community bonding.

*Cues gathering of uncles drinking beer and watching soccer matches together*

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Timbre Group will be managing the hawker centre on a not-for-profit basis. They will also be setting aside two ‘incubator stalls’ for potential hawkers in a bid to sustain the hawker trade and support new entrants.

These potential hawkers will first go through a one-year incubation period, and Timbre will help to place them in its network of food and beverage outlets, or refer them to NEA to apply for a hawker stall in other centres.

The hawker centre also boasts family-friendly features, child-friendly toilet facilities and a built-in tray return system. There will also be a mobile app that allows patrons to make cashless payment and order their meals electronically.

Hopefully the addition of the new hawker centre will help Yishun to rebrand itself – away from being in the news repeatedly for all the wrong reasons.


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