We should give Salleh Marican a second chance. His first door stop in Malay was cringe worthy. But so what. ..


After all, some of our Chinese politicians cannot speak Mandarin well too.

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We should actually commend Mr Marican for stepping forward and take up the challenge to do more for Singapore.

His company is worth $250 million, while the rest of us Singaporeans are struggling with home mortgages.

He dares to do more for Singapore while the rest of us only dare to talk more

The biggest critics were from the Malay Community, which was surprising because we thought that they would have supported a member of their race.

Mr Salleh was the first person from the community who picked up the nomination form. Instead of cheers from the community, he got attacked for his doorstop interview.

This incident showed that despite online comments declaring that the PE is a non-event (because  it’s been decided), they still express a keen interest in who their next president will be.

Will he/she be able to represent them well.? Can they be proud of him/her.

It is not enough to be a Malay, you need to show that you can be our Malay President too. 

We are willing to give  Mr Salleh a second chance to brush up on his Malay.