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Is our relationship with China that bad?

Has Singapore’s relationship with China hit a new low?

It seems that this is the image that South China Morning Post is trying to paint with their article. They say that PM Lee Hsien Loong was not invited to the One Belt One Road Summit because of the “still-strained ties between the two countries”.

It worries people especially after our “Terrex episode” with China. We all know that we are linked closely to China economically and if relationship is bad then it’ll affect our economy. But is our relationship with China that horrible as some online news site has pointed out?


First, Singapore-China relationship goes a long way back.

We were there to support them during the Tiananmen Incident when all the Western Powers were against them. China knows that. But like all relationships, there are ups and downs. Just because they’re not happy with us now, it does not mean that we are enemies.

Don’t forget, just one day after the One Belt One Road Summit, China sent Zhao Leji, a Chinese Communist Party Politburo member to attend the 6th Singapore-China Forum on Leadership. Just to note, if you’re a Politburo member, you’re one of the top 30 most powerful people in Chinese Government. Remember that China is huge.


Second, we still have a lot of projects going on with China.

Look at the new Chongqing Connectivity Project. And don’t forget we still have Suzhou and Tianjin.  Oh, and Singapore is one of the few Renminbi (RMB) clearing centres in the world.


Lastly, we must consider carefully how we interpret our relationship with China.

If we take a step back and think about it, who will benefit if Singaporeans start to doubt the leadership over its foreign policy with China? Not the opposition parties in Singapore, because they will face the same problem as PAP when they are the Government. It’s the Malaysian and Indonesian who are also trying to reap benefits from China and will like to see us in a chaos.

And have you considered that all these fears that have been spreading around on Singapore suffering from poor relationship with China, could it be propaganda by the PRC? If I want to make you weak, I stir up the feelings of your population, make them doubt the leadership; and there will be domestic unrest.

Think about it. 

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  1. Sherman ong

    That’s the nature of common ordinary human race with much intellects. Remember those times they send delegations to learn from singapore. We just need to rise above the intellects into the wisdom dimension to co-exist mutually.

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