Dr Tan Cheng Bock is back in action. He has filed a suit in the High Court to ask the Govt why the count of 5 presidential terms should start from Mr Wee Kim Wee.

The presidential hopeful had previously called a press conference on March 31 to ask if it was correct to make the upcoming Presidential Election a reserved one.

The press conference comes one year after Dr Tan announced that he would again contest the next Presidential Election and after the Govt announced in November 2016 that the next Election would be reserved for Malay candidates.

Dr Tan had voiced his concerns after the changes to the Elected Presidency system were made.  Many highlighted that it was a little too late. Now, he is taking these concerns to the Courts.

Is it unifying the nation by raising his concerns now, after the soup is cooked?

Yes, we agree that changes to the President Election are important and need a robust debate. However, the stage for debate has passed.

From Feb 18 to Mar 21 last year, the commission assigned to review the Elected Presidency system covering the qualifying criteria for candidacy sought public feedback on the matter.

It received more than 100 written submissions and also conducted public hearings in April and May 2016.

Before the Bill to amend the constitution was passed on 9 Nov 2016, there was a three-day debate in Parliament where several Members of Parliament (MPs) and Nominated MPs raised issues on the recommendation by the commission.

Where was Dr Tan in all these when we needed him to speak up for us?

We heard nothing from him. 

When the media asked him in March why he did not voice his view earlier, he said he did not want to interfere” during the Parliamentary debates and was initially quite “resigned” to not being able to stand for the election.

“But it triggered in my mind that it was something that I had missed,” he had said. Dr Tan also added: “I know some of you were wondering why I stayed silent so long, and on my Facebook. When I stay silent, always remember that I’m thinking. That’s important.”

So, why is he now bringing this up again by filing a suit in Court? Is he speaking up to educate Singaporeans about the Elected Presidency system and fight for our rights?

Or is he speaking up now at such a belated stage after the changes are made because he has had the time to plan the next move for his own presidency bid?

Dr Tan is still silent. Why are we hearing the news of the suit from opposition figures instead of the ‘potential’ president himself?

The news of the suit came over the weekend when People’s Power Party founder Goh Meng Seng) made a Facebook post on Dr Tan’s latest move.

It is strange that someone else has to break the news for him. And so far, Dr Tan has been quiet. He has not spoken up on his next moves or shared the intention of his suit.

So much for being a unifying figure if he is silent when the public are left with questions over such an important topic.

Why is that Dr Tan, who had touted himself as the most independent candidate in 2011, is now having news of his court action being announced by an opposition member?

We can’t help but notice these photos taken at Dr Tan’s annual Chinese New Year open house:

Is he s trying to garner opposition support and networks to shore up his hopes of being a President?

Seems like now Dr Tan has thrown in everything but the kitchen sink at his Quest for Presidential by going to the Courts.

Dr Tan was asked by the media on March 31 if he would take the issue to the court, he replied: “The courts should be the last resort. Good politics… not everything should go to the courts.”

Yes, not everything should go to the Courts as it involves utilising the State’s resources. And ESPECIALLY NOT when one has missed the chance of speaking up when he had one.

Three days after GMS told us that Dr Tan had filed his application to the Courts, Dr Tan is still unbelievably silent about it.

Dr Tan, we had thought that you were the best candidate back in 2011.

But now, we are not too sure.