Formula milk for babies in Singapore has never been cheap. But I never realised how much more expensive it has become. MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol Sun Xueling has done all parents with young kids a favour by highlighting this issue.  (Her full post here)

The Straits Times reported that the average cost of a baby formula milk has gone up 120% in 10 years, from $25.42 to $56.06 for a tin.

That has not deterred parents from buying milk powder to supplement breast milk. But it has taken a toll especially on lower income families who needed these formula milk for their children.

There have been calls for the Government to step in to control prices. But unless there is clear evidence of price-fixing, what can the Government do?

Babies formula milk is a product of much research and development, as the  companies cited, hence the ever increasing prices.

Eh but how come the milk in other countries (with the exception of China) are all cheaper than Singapore? Your RnD is specific only to our country issit?

A greater concern is the disingenuous marketing by these companies.

Look at this tin of Similac sold in Singapore. The cute teddy bear with a motar board and the word IQ displayed big big.

The tin implies that drinking this milk will make your child smarter even though there is no scientific evidence that it will. The “IQ” is particularly misleading and intentionally so. They try to explain it away by saying it stands for “Intestinal Quality”. Rather lame if you ask me. And how about the cute teddy bear with a mortar board, implying it will increase your child’s chances of going to university?


Some folks think, “Breast is Best!” while some prefer enhanced formula milk powder.

Whatever it is, I’m glad there is a public discussion on the affordability of baby formula milk powder. I hope at the very least, something will be done about the sneaky advertising, so that these companies can stop cheating families of their hard earned money.