He’s supposed to be a child prodigy who is fluent with Hebrew, Spanish and English at the age of three years old. When he was thirteen, he was already enrolled in Princeton University.

Mikhy K. Farrera-Brochez, who moved to Singapore in 2008 to work as a child psychologist in private practice, is also the youngest registered psychologist in the history of the American Psychological Association.

Sounds too good to be true?

Turns out the one thing which Mikhy K. Farrera-Brochez was good at is to come up with schemes to cheat his way to work in Singapore.

The 32-year-old American citizen has now made headlines for committing offences which include using forged education qualification and faking his HIV status to dupe authorities into giving him an Employment pass permit.


Shouldn’t the authorities have made stringent checks when they process each Employment Pass application and detected his lies? You mean they don’t check on the legitimacy of the documents submitted to them meh?

What is ICA or MOM doing?

And how come his employer also failed to pick up the fake education credentials?

Besides feeding the authorities with fake qualifications, Farrera-Brochez also provided them with fake blood samples to lie that he was HIV-free. Our authorities were just too straight and fell hook, line and sinker for his lies.

At least the authorities took swift action after they found out that Farrera-Brochez has been gaming the system.

He was brought to court after investigations were completed and now slapped with a 28-month sentence.

We hope that this will help to deter others from doing the same thing and also serve as a wake-up call for our front line officers to be more sceptical when processing those documents.