This is Singapore, you cannot anyhowly self-teach and certify yourself capable of repairing the toilet plumbing.

The national water agency is revising the current Licensed Water Service Plumber (LWSP) scheme, which is currently only mandatory for water service plumbers, to include sanitary plumbers in the Licensed Plumber scheme.

Water service plumbers carry out installation and repair works on water pipes, tanks, taps and fittings which convey water supplied by PUB in buildings, while sanitary plumbers conduct installation and repair works on sanitary appliances, pipes and sanitary drain-lines that convey used water from buildings and premises to public sewers.

Plumbers will need to complete the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Builder Certificate course in Plumbing and Pipe-Fitting, or equivalent qualifications, to obtain the LP licence. They will also have to attend PUB’s sanitary and/or water service plumbing course and pass an assessment

Overall this implementation will mean two things.

1) The plumber will not mess up your bathroom because he knows what he is doing.

2) He is a professional and will probably charge you a premium rate for his services –  Can consider taking that skills future course on plumbing.

I do not think that this certification will be a problem since many millennia do not even know how to change a light bulb, what more plumbing their own bathroom. They will be more than happy to pay another person to do the repairs for them.

For the’ orang lama’ who have experience in plumbing but never really bothered to take the assessment, its time to take that long overdue certificate and get the rates you deserve for your services

For the rest of us folks, tell your man to stop fiddling with the tap.  Call a professional. :p