Political fallouts like breakups are ugly businesses. It’s the case of intensive love degenerating to intensive hate.

In the case of JBJ falling out with WP, this hatred seems to be passed on to his son, Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ). In his recent blogpost, KJ decided to lash it out on Lee Li Lian who made a brief mention of how a resident shared with her how she fondly remembered buying a copy of Hammer from JBJ.

KJ literally went berserk online.

First, he detailed how JBJ was made a bankrupt and how Low Thia Kiang who had escaped from any form of liability usurped power from JBJ and became WP leader. He went on to say how WP members has been misusing his father’s name to milk political mileage during elections.

So why a small mention of JBJ can trigger such a big reaction from KJ? There definitely is a deep-seated feud between KJ and LTL.

KJ didn’t seem to elaborate much on the “unfair treatment” of JBJ except that “they (LTK and other CEC members) should have also paid at least one-third of the damages, but for some strange reason escaped liability altogether or were given lenient treatment by the plaintiffs and the PAP”. According to Wikipedia, “the transfer of party leadership took place in bitter acrimony as Jeyaretnam later accused Low of not doing enough to help him pay the damages from the libel suits, even though Low claimed that he had always looked upon Jeyaretnam as an elder and had done everything possible to help him. Shortly after he stepped down as Secretary-General, Jeyaretnam left the party.”

Frankly speaking, we will never know what really happened between JBJ and LTK. It’s clear that LTK rose to power after JBJ left and under LTK’s leadership, WP transformed. Oh well, this doesn’t seem like the last time KJ will slime LTK.

We shall just wait for the next time something triggers KJ again…