Perhaps it is my Facebook algorithms. Recently two posts kept appearing on my feeds raising funds for medical treatment.

The first “Help Save Jake” has seen 711 shares and the second, “Cancer Patient Holding on for her Son” covered by, has seen 2185 shares (and even more, if you added the original GiveAsia post).

Put aside all the usual cynical questions of a) what is the government and social services doing to help those who have exhausted all avenues and have to turn to crowdfunding and b) why do medical fees come out to 6-figures, a click-through to the two pages here and here shows another side of Singaporeans:

 Singaporeans have a BIG HEART

If it was just about the money, then we are big-hearted, but if you read the comments, there are well-wishes, prayers, kind words and even offers of contacts for second opinions, spurring the “beneficiary” on in trying times.

Whoever said Singaporeans are apathetic should read the comments in the crowdfunding pages. Our online citizens here are not all just keyboard warriors and complain kings, there exist those who seek to heal with their words too.

Sure, some naysayers will snort and say it is so easy for Singaporeans to just throw their money around (like Singaporeans are always so ready to support donation cans that appear regularly outside MRT stations). Clicking $50 makes you feel good /less guilty and move on with your lives too.

However, if you look at it this way, as society progresses, citizens will move towards the pursuit of a higher order beyond basic needs (based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). In this sense, civic-mindedness and civic-consciousness will come

In this sense, civic-mindedness and civic-consciousness will come alive, and take a life of its own, shaped by the people themselves. Kindness and empathy are also sparked without push from the government. No amount of Singa the Lion displays and Kindness Movement campaigns will work if we, the people, do not seek to be kind ourselves in the first place.

So back to the crowdfunding. It will be getting more and more common. And we hope GiveAsia does evaluate and curate the ones that goes up on their page, so that really the needy ones gets the help they can.

On that note, we just want to say, a little goes a long way. Give if you can, or give kind words if you can’t put down a dollar.

The fundraising campaigns can be found here: