Fake news seems to be the latest buzzword everywhere.

From supposedly being fined for throwing used tissue paper into your bowls at hawker centres, to being arrested without warrant for forwarding political SMSes, most of these hoaxes range from somewhat believable to downright absurd.

This one, however, seems to border on sheer stupidity, not to mention pure lazy writing.

  1. If you’re going to criticise the govt for raising prices, then stick to that. The CEO may run the agency, but he doesn’t single-handedly raise tariffs.
  1. If you want to dig into the company background to suggest some kind of nepotism, then dig properly. EMA CEO is not Ng How Yue. It’s Ng Wai Choong. It’s not difficult to Google. Also, spell check lah. Ng How Tue? How to, like that?
  1. This last one is just a logic problem. If he was promoted 4 times in the past 5 years, as the article claims, it’s not because his wife is a PAP MP. He may not look the part (that picture above is damn unflattering), but the guy was already a high flyer in the civil service when he first met his wife. Hello, Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister leh. Don’t play play.