Speaking to reporters at a press conference on Friday (Mar 31), he asked if it was correct to make the upcoming election, which must be held by August, a reserved one.

Under changes passed to the Constitution in November, if there is not a President from a particular racial community for five consecutive terms, then the next term will be reserved for a President from that community.

He invited the Government to explain whether the AGC’s interpretation is correct, or to check with the courts to verify its accuracy.

“I am concerned that our EP (Elected President) will always be tainted with the suspicion that the reserved election of 2017 was introduced to prevent my candidacy.”

Quick points:

TCB does not believe that we should get a Malay President

After all the debate in Parliament, the feedback by the public, the forum letters, the numerous engagement sessions, he still questions the robustness of the process and the law.

Do you think Singaporeans did not raise this up during the engagement sessions? Do you think the Malay community would keep quiet if they did think the process is flawed and that they are there just as a token?

He said that the EP is tainted because it was meant to stop him from contesting.

Why is he bringing this up again?

Just because he cannot be president then the presidency is tainted?

What is not good for TCB is therefore not good for Singapore? Even the WP, the strongest opposition in Singapore, agreed with parts of the process. Why not him?

At the conference, Tan said he hopes to continue serving the people of Singapore, outlining his extensive experience in many fields.

“I will bring with me, all my experiences, my political experiences, my diplomatic experiences, and my experiences on the ground. I’ve been in every field. Town councils, CDCs. In fact, I’m so familiar with Singapore, the workings of Singapore, that I’m prepared to assume that role to look after your reserves, to make sure that the appointments of people in the government are in the right order.

“That will require people with independence, people with integrity, transparency, and that is what I bring with me, if I ever go into the presidency. If I can’t, I suppose, well there are other ways for me to contribute to this country.”

Dr Tan wants to be President. That was the point of the whole press conference earlier.