On 13 Mar, Han Hui Hui posted the following on her Facebook and Twitter accounts:

With HHH, there is always more than meets the eye.

The next day, The Straits Times posted an article ‘Blogger Han Hui Hui told to take down online posts that are in contempt of court‘. She has seven days to take down the posts and apologise for her allegations on all her social media accounts.

By deliberately leaving the details about the seven days to take down the post, Han FB posts made it seemed like she was already being charged by the AGC, stirring sentiments about the government’s high-handed approach.

Why did Han post only half the story? 

Perhaps she wanted to play a victim. Perhaps she is signalling that she has no intention to withdraw her charges. Maybe she didn’t read the AGC’s letter properly?

The Ministry of Home Affairs also follows up with a statement on the same day calling her Feb 23 post “baseless”.

Excerpts from HHH FB post that MHA took issues with:

You’re made to take of your clothes, bra etc. were all touched in the name of “checking”.

It was done in front of about ten female officers with male officers passing by at the gate.


 “…The toilet is the old squatting kind. At a height about 1.7m, there is a button where once pressed, water will shoot out from a pipe at the same level. In order to drink the water, you’ve to tilt your head upwards and stick out your tongue. This is why they say you got to “lap up the sky juice”, is it humane?”


“Whenever someone passes motion, they started shouting and asked everyone to gather at the CCTV. The police will then mock how people wash without any tissue and soap.Since the water only come out when being pressed, they laughed at how the inmates were unable to clean their hands properly. Such is the level of hygiene in Singapore’s prisons.”


Her were so incredulous, no one could believe this to be any standards in Singapore. There’s more if you read the contents of the blog, it leaves you wondering, “is this a prison that she conjured up in her head, or from some movies, she had watched?”

Human Rights activists say Singapore does not have basic human rights because we do not have complete freedom of speech and have campaigned for more leeway.

There is a saying that your freedom ends where mine begins.

Han had her fair share of freedom.

With this freedom, we have seen Han stand up and contest the 2015 elections as an independent candidate and losing her deposit. The voters didn’t want her as their MP.

With this freedom, we have seen her do several protests in Hong Lim Park without trouble, until the heckling incident, where they breached the boundaries and ended up, for lack of a better word, terrorising, a group of special needs children.

With this freedom, which she thought could be unchecked because “what are you going to do about it?”, she wrote a damning post with serious allegations made against the Singapore Prisons Service. The Prisons system here is not a luxury hotel, it is not meant to be, or we will see everyone who feels that life is too hard to try to “check-in” to Changi. The place is run with strict protocols. It is regimental with safe incarceration and rehabilitation in mind. There are also Justices of Peace who visit regularly to ensure that things are humane and orderly. And if things were out of order, Prison officers will face investigations, suspensions, lose their jobs or be convicted. It is not Alcatraz.

That Han tries to insinuate that our prison would be so gross as to make inmates  drink from a toilet bowl, or that women are stripped searched while men stick around for a “free show” is not only disappointing, but to those who have fought long and hard for freedom of speech, and for credibility to the alternative voices, this is a huge slap in the face. Now, who will give us freedom to express online? Because people like Han cannot behave themselves and spread lies and half truths.

If MHA doesn’t react to these allegations, the public will cry foul. For them to investigate these claims, taxpayers’ money is again wasted, along with all the time that Han has spent challenging the AGC and the court of her charges.

If AGC doesn’t proceed with the charges while Han continues to perpetuate the all her baseless claims, then how would the public know that spreading lies that smear the reputation of a security agency and the government by collateral damage, will not be condoned?

Little wonder that even some of the anti-government voices have distanced themselves from her.

As of publishing time, Han still hasn’t taken down her blogpost, and she has continued to put up Facebook posts claiming that the AGC is conducting character assassination. We can only say, there is no character to speak of, and therefore, nothing to assassinate.

We hope she wakes up her idea soon. Because she is not helping anyone at all in this fight for liberalism.