Beyond the typical snooze fest at the Parliament committee of supply debates, we wonder if you might have tried to identify who might be the next Prime Minister will be.

We did.

After all, It is no secret that PM Lee is looking for his successor.

“. . .  ministers or not, all of us are mortal.”
“Nothing that has happened has changed my timetable, or my resolve to press on with succession,” sui yue bu liu ren, which means “time waits for no man”.


Our ears picked up when Mr Ong Ye Kung spoke for MOE yesterday.

He rallied for Singaporeans to stand together to drive the national movement and key changes needed in our society to improve the lives of our future generations.

Let’s take a look at what he said.

“… I have spoken about our plan to Build, Configure and Scale over the next five years. In carrying out this plan, what is the toughest challenge of all?

It is changing mindsets – the “die die must do it this way” kind of thinking.

… I am sure that when our children grow up and become parents, they will believe in multiple paths towards success. They will want their children to go through an educational experience that recognises their different individual strengths. But by then, times have changes further, and their children will again have different ideas. And they will be saying that their parents have very fixed mindsets.

Every generation that comes of age will transform and remake the society it lives in. This is how we progress, and education is there to help us along. That is why MOE’s mission is to mould the future of Singapore.

Today, perhaps we are at the starting line of a time of change and transformation. It is up to us today, to create these multiple paths and new opportunities, which will take us to many different places, but arrive at a common future – a Singapore of many talents on a united yet multi-facted journey of one people, and one country.”

– Minister Ong Ye Kung, at COS 2017 – taken from the MOE website

HIs words, spoken and unspoken, captivated us.

We found out that he joined the Cabinet one electoral cycle later than intended, having been part of the defeated People’s Action Party team in Aljunied GRC in 2011.

His strength vis-a-vis the others is his diverse range of experiences, given his years in the labour movement and the civil service.

He has an aura of quiet confidence. He is not stiff. He connects to his audience when talking.

Most importantly, he was not trying to emulate past and current leaders in their styles.

Future PM alert. Mark our words.

That is all. The end.