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Ex-WP MPs propagate fake news while Mr Pritam talks about debating with facts in Parliament

It is difficult to tell what is real nowadays.

Take TOC’s article which rebutted MOS Chee Hong Tat’s speech in parliament.

MOS Chee was explaining to Mr Pritam that it is unnecessary to live stream Parliament because;

1 – All Parliament speeches and Q&A answers are already available online, on ChannelNewsAsia microsite. These are neatly catalogued, so the person need not sit from start to finish just to understand the context of a particular debate.

2 – Public has access to the full written record of Parliamentary proceedings via online Hansard. They can also attend to watch any Parliament

3 – Very few people watched the debates. Even for a major speech like the Budget, the number of people who watched it live is less than 10% of those who watched the parliamentary highlights on the news that evening, and less than 1% of all viewers watched the Budget live using web-streaming.

TOC highlighted that Mr Chee is wrong to say that footage of all questions and answer sessions are available on CNA’s microsite. The only videos available on the website are the speeches of the MPs.

They later made an edit :

While the CNA microsite contains speeches by the MPs and Ministers. For the Q&A session, the supplementary questions are not recorded in the video.

A screengrab from TOC article:

Like any responsible citizen, we did a quick check on CNA microsite:


All questions and answers are available on the CNA microsite

Supplementary questions are also available on the CNA microsite.

(WP supplemantary question here)

Bloody heck.

That’s twice in a day, that TOC tried to mislead the public, and cast doubt on the transparency of our Parliament debates.

While WP MP Pritam was talking about using facts to engage in debates, his ex-colleagues Gerald Giam and Yee Jenn Jong were propagating fake news on their individual pages.



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  1. Unreliable and biased site. No credibility at all.

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