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The Relevance Of SGSecure And The Fitnah Of Our Times

Several MPs (including Faisal Manap and Rahayu Mahzam) spoke about the police report lodged over an imam’s remarks on Christians and Jews.

The imam was reported to have quoted a verse from the Quran in which he said ‘God grant us victory over Jews and Christians’ amongst other things, and he seems to have said it more than once.

We have previously shared our thoughts on this video here

It must be remembered that there were also other phrases in other holy books which ask people of faith to kill disbelievers.

Singapore has very strict laws to protect racial and religious harmony. We will not tolerate any religious preaching that encourages violence or seeks to pit one religion against another.

The government sent the editors of The Real Singapore to jail for sedition when they promoted ill-will and hostility between different races during the Thaipusam incident in 2014

Non-Muslim MPs came forth strongly and spoke up when three madrasah student were attacked on their way home

In 2009, a Christian couple was sentenced to 8 weeks jail, for distributing publications that cast Islam in a negative light.

BUT we have several niggling questions.

1 – Yes, SGSecure is the buzz word for everyone, and we welcome whistle-blowers on hate speech.

However, given the sensitivity of race and racial harmony in Singapore, isn’t it better to have a channel to do this, so that the issue would not be hijacked and be used to sow further discord and cause further divisiveness in our fragile social fabric.

2 – The video clip showed only the portion where the Imam is criticising the Jews and the Christians.

If he meant well – why didn’t he push out the whole video?

If he did not have the whole video, why do you upload a portion that will be obviously be taken out of context?

Stirring confusion, seeding malicious doubts when there is none,  isn’t it more harmful than what the Imam is accused of?

And btw, if you are not sure what the imam just said, just go up to him after the prayers and ask him to clarify his stand la . . . .

3 – The whistleblower is Terence Helikaon Nunis.

A person who admitted  writing to the authorities to ban Mufti Menk (2016) just because he is a Wahabi (the ISIS are generally Wahabis)

We clicked on his FB account, and noticed the stark hint of liberal Islam in his understanding of the religion. This was his post, earlier this year.

Obviously, he has an issue with mainstream Islam. How is he less dangerous than Zulfikar, who argues eloquently that we should all join the Jihad with ISIS?

The authorities should be aware that he has an agenda and interview him too because he is obviously sowing discord in the community, cherry picking what works for him and dismissing other scholars (when he is not a scholar himself), and uploading a video which is divisive to the community, in the name of ‘whistle blowing’.

In light of these discussions, Mufti Fatris Bakaram posted a rather cryptic poem on his FB.  We tried translating it for your benefit below.

Translation (we tried): 

The person who is so sure of fighting what is wrong is rather perculiar.

…His intention, while pure, might be wrong

…His methods, may be wrong

…His actions, may also be wrong,

…He views anything which is not inline with his beliefs, wrong,

…His words, came out, worng

As a result,

…The known and the accepted, are cast as false

…The wrong, becomes perpectuated falsehood

…A persons dignity, torn and tattered

The person thinks he is a worrior

He dreams that he has supposedly reached maturity and enlightment

He forgot that in his blind conviction of seeing everything wrong, his heart becomes filled with hatred.

This hatred creates a stench,

and it reeks more than he will ever know.

Was he referring to the government? to the allegedly racist Imam? or maybe even to the whistleblower?

What is the intention of your heart? as you go about doing the things you do.

Are we so blinded by our own convictions that we leave no room for diversity of opinions?

We leave you, with a quote from Imam Shāf’i (Islamic scholar)

” . . .hate what is wrong, but do not hate the one who errs. Hate sin with all your heart, but forgive and have mercy on the sinner. Criticize speech, but respect the speaker. Our job is to wipe out the disease, not the patient . . .”



  1. Hey sir. Are you saying his view of Islam is offensive, as mentioned in his screenshot of his Facebook? He is indeed very liberal.

    • Syarahin

      Get a life!!!

    • Muhammad Hatta

      If you are a Muslim, whatever you read from the Quran with Hadiths as a guideline, you cannot say white is grey and black is white. You do NOT tell your Maker that God is wrong!!! You do NOT tell Jesus (PBUP) that He is wrong also!!! The ONLY thing that is wrong here is that individual person!!! Articulate he is not. Do your research, talk with a qualified Islamic Scholar IF you don’t trust the Imams here. But definitely Terence is not a qualified scholar to talk about this. Try as he might but I strongly disagree that he is a believer of Islam!!!

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