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Chan Chun Sing had enough of people complaining about Budget 2017. Humbly lays the smack down with these questions.

Most common questions and comments were how much do I get, how much more must I pay, why need to increase water, diesel and carbon pricing, can I have a bit more subsidy . . . Many commented if the government can spend more.. that this is a political budget . . .

 Min Chan  laid the smack down on these questions.

He was talking to you. Yes, you.

These were his points (in our own words):

Every government must balance its book. We can spend and subsidise everything, but what if the economy worsens and we need to tap into our savings further, do we have enough?

Is it wrong to err on the side of caution?

Where do you get the money if you don’t earn it?

If we are so cynical as suggested, why do we even bother giving out rebates or subsidies?

Yes, we collect money (at market price) from you. But we use the gains to subsidise those who needs it more and most. That has always been our principle.

It is true that we have forgotten the middle income?

Then where do our income tax system startIt’s the middle-income that benefits the most from it (20% tax rebate).

Did the rich get more subsidies from us?

On Water:

There were many rumours and scare-mongering stories; the price of drinks increase la, PUB making profits la, blah blah blah.

If it is too much to ask you to defend the water prices, please don’t spread this kind of rumours.

(We examined the breakdown on PUB profits here)

You say we can import cheap water from Malaysia,

Eh, when Malaysia started syphoning off water upstream from Linggui dam (where we imported water from), what could we have done about it?

Their actions affected our yield, 5 million Singaporeans depended on that water!

We were literally on our knees. Our only way to have a drink would be to invade Malaysia. You all prepared to go to war ah?

Our NEWater, Desalination plant is our way of saying FO to them.

You are just paying 60 cents more per 1000 liters (before subsidies) . . .

What do you think should be the price of water in this instance? What is the price of our sovereignty?

Circulating MEMES attacking the government for the price increase is easy and easiest way to score political points, but does it help to prepare for tomorrow?

What is a responsible government

Is Chee Soon Juan a responsible person. Where is he after losing the elections at Holland Bukit Timah and Bukit Batok (by-elections). Is he just posting on FB instead of working the ground?

The question is about leaving behind a better base for our future generationsThis budget cannot be just for you and  me. It must also be for our future generations.


We have never heard Chan Chun Sing deliver such a speech and asked so many rhetorical questions in one sitting.

It’s easy to judge him as arrogant, but these are the kind of questions which keeps Singapore going. His heart is in the right place.

We digress a little: If you replaced CCS with WP Low Thia Khiang, these are the same questions he would ask, and most likely, your water prices, taxes, etc would still be increased because the maths will not add up otherwise.  PAP today, WP tomorrow, Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) (hopefully never) cannot subsidise everything for everyone. They have to choose. and people will always ask for why not more subsidies for them.

We only got one question for Chan Chun Sing.

Eh, we pay you millions of dollars to ask questions ah?

See his videos here:

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  1. Andy

    Among Sg’s former political leaders, LKY was also a master in answering qns by asking rhetorical qns. Bt if you have the intellectual nuances, you can discover the answer within. LKY also speaks with a arrogant, bold, bombastic way which the layman either don’t understand or don’t like. Of course, I am not saying CCS is LKY, but just pointing out the similarities in style or the sort of influences CCS had.

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