A breach in an Internet-connected system at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) earlier this month has resulted in the personal data of 850 national servicemen and employees being stolen.

MINDEF explained that no classified military data were stolen in the breach of the I-net system as classified military information is stored on a separate system that is not connected to the Internet and has more stringent security features.

The Singaporean military’s dedicated web access system was breached this month by hackers thought to be hunting for official secrets, 

One analyst even said there was a “high probability” that the hack was state sponsored!

“Investigations are ongoing. The attack on I-net appeared to be targeted and carefully planned. The real purpose may have been to gain access to official secrets, but this was prevented by the physical separation of I-net from our internal systems,”

The attack comes months after authorities Min Yaacob announced plans to extend the air-gap system to the entire civil service.

Last year, PM Lee shared that  the country has seen very sophisticated attacks on the Government’s Internet system, and the threats have become even more severe, which is why the Government is making the move.

Because of the reliance on the Internet today, people can infiltrate Government systems to create havoc by wiping out or stealing official information.

There is no way to be absolutely ‘hack’proof but these measures do increase data security to a large extend.

Well played Pak Yaacob. Well played.