So the Budget happened yesterday, ICYMI. (Though, really, it’s everywhere). There were a whole lot of announcements including the implementation of some CFE strategies to prepare our economy for the future, a water price hike (ugh), GST Vouchers (yay), tax rebates (double yay), and more.

Some people point to the water price hike and other measures to say this year’s Budget was not great. Some other people say this year’s Budget is forward-looking and preparing us for a future of much unpredictable change.

What I heard, is that we need to change – we need to learn new skills, we need to innovate, we need to save water, we need to lessen our carbon footprint, etc. There’s a lot of behavioural change that’s being asked of us, through increased training support and investments in innovation and water price increase and carbon tax and whatever else.

I get that climate change is something we should be worried about, I agree that a cleaner, nicer, more sustainable environment to live, grow and work in would be ideal; I get that we need some form of water security and that that costs money for desalination plants and all; I get that keeping up skills-wise couldn’t hurt my chances with what the future throws at us. But behavioural adjustments take some time.

The Budget did try to soften the “transitional pains” in the process of preparing us to be adaptable and responsive and (insert other adjective) in an uncertain future. The permanent increase to the GST Vouchers, and the personal income tax rebate do offset some of the water price increase. And there’s also more money going into different training programmes and wage support.

The inertia to change is great, I’m not gonna lie. I do very much enjoy long relaxing showers at the end of the day. (#firstworldproblems) But I guess if we’re going to have to start at some point, it doesn’t hurt to have some help along the way.