Gahment has announced that the price of water will go up by 30 per cent in two phases. The first hike will be from July 1 this year, and the second from July 1 next year. Wah seh.

Luckily there are some rebates to offset the price increase, according to Straits Times:

To help us all save more water and save the bills, we show you 8 ways that you can start to save your water usage:

1) Rewear, rewear, and rewear

If it smells ok (yes that pair of jeans that is two days old), wear it until it stinks. For those feeling squeamish about it, it may be worthwhile to invest in Febreze.


2) Wet wipes will be another new best friend

Use wet wipes to clean up spills and messes without water.

3) Stop shaving- take shorter showers

If you must shave, turn off the water until you are done

S2.gif4) Boil what you need

Only boil as many cups of water as you need for yourself or your coffee – you’ll be saving water and electricity (bonus!).

5) Steam your veggies

Steaming uses less water than boiling and retains more nutrients in your food.

6) Reuse the water you boiled

But if you want to boil your food, try using water as a soup base for a tasty stock. Or let it cool and use it to water the plants.

7) Work in the garden at dawn or dusk

Water your outdoors plants in the early morning or at the end of the day to slow down the water evaporating in sunlight and heat. Ensure the water is absorbed by plant by watering at the roots and not the leaves of the plants.

8) Time to get neighbourly

Next time you are over at your neighbour’s, use their bathrooms as soon as you arrive and before you leave. Remind Ah Girl and Ah Boy to go toilet too.

But we don’t encourage you do this often for the sake of neighbourly ties, lest your neighbour threatens to turn off the tap on you.