If you are planning what to do for this weekend after a hot Valentine’s Day date, here’s a reason to get out to explore Singapore. Pokemon trainers rejoice! The Gen 2 Pokemons are finally released into the game! Check out the new Pokemons here.

totodile splashing in a fountain

Niantic also introduced new mechanisms to spice up the game:

  • Over 80 additional Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region can be caught.
  • Added two new Berries: The Nanab Berry will slow Pokemon down so it’s less likely for them to run off, while Pinap Berries help players collect twice as much candy upon a successful catch.
  • Added new avatar outfit and accessory options.
  • Gender-specific variations of select Pokémon can be caught.
  • Added new encounter mechanics.
  • Added new night-mode map and encounter music.
  • Added bonus Candies for catching Evolved Pokémon.

Oh yes, don’t worry if you are running out of bag space for your Pokemons. There is a 50% sale for bag space till Feb 28 PST! Don’t say we never share.

TGIF guys!