Why do we still experience floods in Singapore?

First world country. Million dollar salary for ministers. This thing should be settled a long time ago chop-chop.

Flash floods can occur due to a combination of factors such as:

  • Peak runoff exceeding what the drain is designed to handle
  • When the intensity of the storm is higher than what the drainage system is designed to handle, the large amount of runoff within a short period can overwhelm the drains and overflow to adjacent areas.
  • Localised topographic characteristics
  • Localised depressions on the roads and on the ground are naturally prone to water accumulation. In low-lying areas, options to reduce flooding are sometimes limited because the deepening of drains, especially those leading to the sea, would need to tie in with downstream levels.
  • Clogged drainage systems
  • Drains can get choked with leaves, litter and other debris that get washed into them during storms.


IS the Government doing a poor maintenance of our drains and canals which contributed to these floods?

Who jiak zua (Hokkien: Eat Snake). Please wake up your bloody idea

  • PUB has a stringent maintenance regime and works closely with its contractors to ensure that drains are checked and cleared regularly. Where necessary, PUB carries out structural repairs of drains, canals and waterways to ensure that they continue to function effectively.
  • Regular cleansing of the canals, drains and waterways is carried out by the Department of Public Cleanliness (DPC) of the National Environment Agency to integrate the cleaning functions of public areas.
  • More information on drainage cleansing and maintenance here!

Can we solve the flood problem by widening and deepening drains and canals? Or build more reservoirs and marina barrages?

Who have good idea to solve this annual problem?!

While having larger drains and canals helps, there is a limit to how wide drains can be as land is also needed for other uses. There is also a limit to digging deeper drains as a minimum gradient is required for the effective conveyance of storm water to the reservoirs.

Additionally, prior to any new land development or before construction begins in any area, PUB works together with agencies such as URA, HDB, LTA and JTC to set aside the necessary drainage reserves for the implementation of drainage works. With the new requirement for “Source” measures in place since 2014, developers will also have to ensure that they manage the peak runoff discharged from their sites to the public drainage system.

So whose fault is it? 

Cannot be opposition party fault for not making enough noise in parliament right. Cannot everything also Global Warming ba . . .

Here is a look on how Singapore have reduced the flooding areas over the years (from PUB website)