Usage for the two main football pitches at the Home United Youth Football Academy (HYFA) along Mattar Road has been restricted, following complaints from residents who live in the neighbourhood.

Since the middle of last month, The Straits Times reported that the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has ordered that the fields cannot be used during the weekends and for every weeknight from 7pm.

This is because some residents have complained about the noise created from the football activities held at the 25-hectare facility, which started operations in February 2014.

Here are other complains we hear from some Singaporeans from time to time:

Stay near the mosque, complain call to prayer too loud.

Stay near fire station, complain that the fire calls wake you up from sleep 

Stay near the airport, complain of noise from flight take offs and landings. 

Stay near school, complain classes too loud, bells too noisy

Stay near football field, complain of noise from football activities.

No field, end up play under void deck, complain of vandalism.

Straits Times further reported¬†Home chief executive comments: “HUFC and SLA are aware of complaints on noise raised by a handful of residents, and are in discussions to address the feedback received.”

We have had enough reading about these handful of residents, are they speaking up for the majority? What gives the authorities the right to make decisions for the majority based on the opinions of these handful few?

The majority should speak up and tell these handful of residents that they live in HDB units where they can hear their neighbors flush their toilets. Peace is closing your doors, not asking your neighbors to move.

They are not peddling drugs at your doorstep for heavens sake. They are just playing soccer!