We previously reported on what Minister K Shanmugam had to say about the Ang Mo Kio Town Council corruption case,  and on the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council.

The Workers’ Party has since issued a response to Shanmugam. We reproduce their news release in full below.

Premature Speculation May Pervert the Course of Justice – The Workers’ Party

The press has asked The Workers’ Party to comment on what Minister Shanmugam has said with regards to the AMKTC corruption case and the AHTC governance issue.

Since CPIB is investigating the AMKTC case, we should let due process take its course and not jump to conclusions.

When the July 2016 report by KPMG on AHTC came out, AHTC ordered a 100% check on the $60m direct journal entry and dummy code issues.

Some people jumped prematurely on the possibility of fraud and ficticious payments without waiting for the results of the audit.

When no fraud and fictitious payments were found, the speculators kept quiet.

Premature speculation, especially when done by influential people, may pervert the course of justice by shaping investigations. So let’s wait for the findings of the CPIB on the AMKTC case and let the law take its course.


The Workers’ Party
6 January 2017