Shanmugam did a doorstop earlier where he made the effort to differentiate the Workers’ Party Aljunied Hougang Town Council systematic failure in governance with CPIB  corruption case investigation in the Ang Mo Kio Town Council.

This was what he said and reported by the mainstream media.

We suspect somebody from the top must have called them to take down the quote because moments later, it became this.

Mothership was the first socio-political site to noticed this and flagged it out. (Good Job Mothership). Pictures above were from them too.

What we do not understand is, why the need for such obvious censorship. (Oh you think we won’t notice?)

As a lawyer, if you can say it with a straight face in front of the camera, then surely you can stand by your words.

Don’t need to go through all these underhand-type of censorship leh.

(Look at Josephine Teo. She stood by her words ‘can have sex in small spaces’. Well done!)

By imposing such censorship, you only succeed in chipping away at ST and CNA credibility (and yours too)

And you wonder why we have a hard time beliving what is reported on MSMs anymore.