They are seen as unruly, loud, impolite, and they seem to be everywhere.

Remember fellow Singaporeans, you represent your country when you’re travelling in a foreign land.

Don’t do things that can hurt your country’s image. Like what these PRC tourists did in 2016.

6) Food wastage at a buffet in Thailand 


“A group of diners at an all you can eat buffet have been criticised for shovelling huge piles of food onto their plates – then leaving much of it uneaten. A video showing the greedy customers frantically stockpiling vast quantities of shrimp onto stacks of plates has been widely shared on social media.”

5) Flooding Jeju (South Korea) airport with tons of thrash from duty-free purchases


“Many of them then remove the packaging to reduce the items’ bulk before boarding the plane. Instead of throwing the plastic wrappers and boxes into designated bins, the tourists toss them on the floor.”

4) Climbing and kicking and shaking cherry trees to get the perfect selfie in Japan


“Visitors were photographed climbing Japan’s iconic cherry trees, grabbing branches and just generally causing mayhem as broken blossoms rained down from above, all in the blind pursuit of snapping some pretty pictures.”

3) Jumping into the pond of a holy shrine in Japan to collect holy water


“Chinese tourist horrifies visitors at sacred Japanese temple after jumping into 1200-year-old shrine’s pond to collect lucky water in his plastic bottle”

Dey, you think more birds more luck ah? Doesn’t work that way.

2) Clashing with the police in Hokkaido airport after flight delays

“About 100 Chinese tourists went into an uproar in the airport’s international terminal following numerous flight cancellations. Some of the tourists crossed past a gate and engaged in fights with police officers who arrived at the scene.”

And the top spot goes to….

1) Caught trying to steal a toilet seat from a hotel


“The couple from Taizhou, eastern China, travelled on a group trip to Japan and were staying in Nagoya when they decided to take the multi-function toilet seat with them. Upon realising the toilet seat had been taken, the hotel called the group’s tour guide and reported the theft to the police, according to the Huanqiu report.”

Sure, China is growing stronger. richer and more powerful. But I guess money can’t buy class.

That is all.

The end.