Mr Lee Minwei is the Certis Cisco officer that went viral because of his good looks. He is not the Taiwanese Certis Cisco officer we are referring to.  LOL

The presence of foreigners in Certis Cisco is not new. They have been recruiting Malaysians for ages. Just ask any Certis Cisco guard in the bank – chances are, they will most likely be a Malaysian. And they are not the only ones hiring foreigners to meet service demands –  SBS and SMRT have been hiring Malaysian and Chinese bus drivers for ages!

Their presence in our workforce ensures that our services can run smoothly by meeting the daily demands and volume.

Why is this news then you ask?

Well, for a start the economy is not doing too well, growth and productivity is slowing down, people are getting laid off and graduates are not getting any jobs after getting their degrees.


People are jittery and more afraid in these uncertain economy. They are sensitive to news about jobs and opportunities. Naturally, when the media reported that for the first time, private security firm Certis Cisco is looking into Taiwanese nationals to be their aux police officers, people get frustrated – why the heck are we giving them these jobs when Singaporeans are looking for jobs to feed themselves and their families. Are the government deliberately letting us go hungry?

Before we go down this rabbit hole. Ask them, I hear that your friends are jobless. Apply to Certis Cisco la, they sure hire one. They are obviously recruiting! Here is the link and i’ve even pasted their latest corporate video below.


Wait what? You don’t fancy the job? Too long hours? ….. oooookkkkaaayyyy..

(their corporate video only gathered 5k views. If I can use that as a reference, that is how interested people are in the job)

Then what about the our homeland security. Should we just compromise since there are not enough Singaporeans for the job?

Why are we paying them so much?

Reports mentioned that these Taiwanese must be graduates and they will be getting paid a monthly salary of $2700 and an additional bonus when they completed their contracts.

We did a quick check with Certis Cisco website and they are paying $2500 minimum for N Levels holders and more than $3000 (Basic) for graduates. This is not including the $15000 sign on bonus they received after a successful application.

It’s true, the first impression we have is that we are paying these Taiwanese a lot of money – $2700.

BUT before we cry bloody murder, we must also know the fact that SINGAPOREANS ARE EARNING MUCH MUCH MORE!

And despite the high starting salary for Singaporeans, are our jobless friends and friends of Goh Meng Seng rushing to take up the offer? – Obviously not, they rather complain that the Taiwanese are taking the job away from them.

We are definitely not complaining about Certis Cisco hiring Taiwanese as auxiliary police officers. We have just one request – that they all look like him.