So. Straits Times published this forum letter written by a certain Mr Gan Kok Tiong today: “Don’t Overburden Escalators By Walking On Them”.

And oh boy, the letter is so full of win. You really have to read it.

We’ve reproduced the letter in full below:

Escalators in MRT stations should not be functioning like staircases. The main issue is that those doing so are overburdening the escalators. Also, commuters who are right-handed will then be able to hold on to the railings on the right without having to move to the left to make way for those wishing to “walk” on the escalators. Disallowing people from walking on the escalators will lead to normal usage of the machines, which would help in reducing the frequency of breakdowns.

Slow news day, huh.

That is all.

The end.