This Christmas season, if you’re passing through T3 at Changi Airport, you can a free hot towel shave and head/face massage, courtesy of the Male Grooming Club retail pop-up.

But only if you’re a dude.


Sorry, ladies. Unlike us, Changi Airport doesn’t seem a huge fan of #genderequality. So unless you want to stand around and watch your SO get pampered, there is nothing here for you. Can move along. You can see how bored the lady in the cover picture is.

Of course, if you are not just another freebie-loving Singaporean and have money to spend, you can get discounts off certain products. They’ll even wrap for you nice nice, and comes with limited edition gift bag.

The pop-up ends 24 Jan 2017, so if you want to give someone a Philips male grooming tool in a fancily wrapped package, better hurry.