Nowadays, it is easy to be a driver, but also super competitive. With Uber and Grab, the market is super competitive.

If you want to survive, you gotta drive longer, faster, harder.

This Uber driver decided that he will forgo meal times to clock more miles. According to Wanbao, he was eating a McNuggets meal WITH SAUCE using both hands while the car was moving, and driving ONLY with his pinky.


Pictures from Wanbao

Besides risking the passenger’s life, there was also clear danger to the driver’s wardrobe, because she claims he dripped McNuggets sauce (!) on his pants (!!) and took his hands off the wheel to wipe the mess with tissue.

What do we make of this?

First, the woman really should just tell the driver to stop eating while the car is moving unless he has at least one hand at all times. Pinky =\= hand. If he doesn’t want to then lodge a formal complaint with Uber. Don’t anyhow secretly online shame people like that lah, the driver can’t even defend himself on the spot.


Picture from here

As for the driver, we sympathise with him. Need to earn more income, so he combined mealtime with work. How many of us have not had to eat lunch while slaving on our computers? Plus, it is McNuggets. Everybody loves McNuggets, and nobody eats it kosong.

(We hope that he managed to wash off all the curry sauce from his pants, though.)

We also admire the driver for his jin satki driving skills (The Pinky Manoeuvre?), though he is still quite far from our friends in China who can eat noodles while driving a bus:


Lastly, Bro, if you’re gonna drive with food, at least do it with style. Be like Initial D Jay Chou and his un-spillable bowl of tofu. Confirm your aunty passenger will swoon (from the stylo-ness, not motion sickness). Will still kena Stomp but at least it’s for good reason.


This is Initial D Jay. Be like Initial D Jay.