*Disclaimer: Not written by a Man Utd fan.

It sucks to lose 9-0. But how a player responses to the defeat defines the footballer. Cause form is temporary, but class is permanent.

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand knows a thing about winning. After all, the retired defender won six Premier League titles, three League Cups and a Champions League between 2002-2014.

Ferdinand was at the Man United academy recently to film an advertisement. But he also dropped in to check on the Under 14 youth team, who were thrashed 9-0 by their Manchester City rivals last month.

And oh boy, he gave a great motivational speech. (The pep talk starts at around the 3:20 mark.)

You gotta find something within yourselves. You gotta push your chest out, and make sure next time you play them, you deal with them! It should hurt. It’s good when it hurts. But then what do you do after? You’ve got to react! And train hard!

Steady lah, Ferdinand.

Perhaps our near hopeless Singapore National Team can learn a thing or two.

That said, I’m pretty sure the Man Utd senior team wouldn’t win the Premier League this season though. Hur hur.

That is all.

The end.