IMDA announced the winner of the 4th telco licence yesterday.


And it wasn’t the favourites MyRepublic. Instead, Australia’s TPG Telecom won the auction, with a bid of $105 million. They narrowly beat MyRepublic that ended their bidding with $102.5 million.

MyRepublic stated that the price went beyond the level their model could operate and they believe the winner would need a larger market share to be successful.


More importantly, the auction winners, TPG Telecom, appear to be an experienced operator and have been running since 1986. They have also been operating as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator for Optus since August 2008 and are the second-largest internet service provider and largest mobile virtual network operator.

On the other end, TPG says that they will hopefully start operating services in 2018. They are required to provide nationwide street level coverage within 18 months and in-building coverage within 30 months. Lastly, they will also need to cover MRT underground stations and lines within 4.5 years.

But the big question is what will TPG offer consumers in Singapore? MyRepublic had a mouthwatering lineup of plans, including unlimited data. Will TPG be able to offer something similar and appease Singapore’s data hungry crowd?

We’re waiting for more answers….