Recently, Singaporeans got all excited about a crocodile swimming around in our very own Marina Reservoir. According to reports, someone saw a “creature resembling a crocodile” in the water there, where activities like dragon boating take place. Naturally, the usual water sports in the area were suspended for safety reasons.

PUB has now given the green light for the activities to resume, since there were no further sightings of the supposed “crocodile”, and experts believe the animal was a monitor lizard.



Obviously we are disappointed, because the last exciting creatures to swim in our waters, after the elephants in Pulau Tekong, was Mas Selamat in 2008 🙁  But we understand that it is easy to mistake monitor lizards for crocs.

Luckily, some kind folks have done the research for us, so that we do not give false hope to Singaporeans in future.


  1. Snout: Crocodiles have longer snouts than monitor lizards.
  2. Tail: Crocodiles have thicker, fatter tails.
  3. Teeth: Crocodiles have jaws full of teeth.
  4. Monitor lizards have long blue, forked tongues which they regularly flick. Crocodiles do not have such tongues.

And there you have it, read, remember and look carefully before crying wolf croc!