Kim Lim: “Ask us to leave as much but the fact is we still own the club so …yeah ha ha. Deal with it and move on.” “Maybe it is the attitude you noupbringing people who think you know everything that makes the club how it is today.”

She was responding to calls by Valencia FC fans for Peter Lim to leave the club following the club’s dismal performance since Peter Lim took over.

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(Photo from Kim Lim’s Instagram)


Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim bought over Spanish football club Valencia FC to much fanfare a few years ago.

But it seems like things are going south for the club. Valencia is currently 16th in the Spanish league, just two points clear of the relegation zone.

And owner Peter Lim has become the object of Valencia fans’ frustrations. During a recent football match, a section of Valencia fans chanted “Peter Lim leave now.”

In response, Peter Lim’s daughter, Kim Lim, hit out at fans on her Instagram account.

What a u-turn from someone who had been previously dubbed by fans as the “Angel of Valencia”.  Just last year, Kim Lim had told The New Paper that:

 “Actually, after I got to know more Valencians, I’m not so surprised anymore. They are just so genuinely friendly and warm.”


That is all.

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