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A short letter to Mr Bernie Ecclestone


Dear Bernie,

I am an average citizen of Singapore, whom some would call a peasant. I have never attended any of your Singapore Grand Prix before; they don’t appeal to me. I don’t think that they appeal to most of our fellow citizens, too.

To be honest, I don’t really give a damn whether or not you continue to hold your Grand Prix in Singapore. We could do without the traffic congestion, the crowd and wastage of resources (yes, electricity wasted in order to light up the streets for your annual party.)

It was a win-win situation for both parties when my government decided to enter in a contract with you. As you have rightly pointed out, “the Grand Prix has cost Singapore a lot of  money,” and you have also given Singapore a lot of money too.

I think Singapore has fulfilled its obligations in a more-than-satisfactory manner throughout the agreement. After all, you call us a crown jewel (though I wonder if there are any colonial undertones here…)


And if my government decides that there are other better ways to boost my country’s economy and remain competitive, then so be it. We are a sovereign nation. This is our prerogative.

You are a business man, you know cost-benefit analysis. You know the rules. You had your fair share of the pie. Being a Grand Prix supremo doesn’t give you the right to be a Grand Prick.

Show us some respect and have some decency. Talking bad about us, and publicly may I add, while negotiations are still on-going is just plain disrespectful.


To you, Singapore may be just an airport to fly to or fly from somewhere. An annual extravaganza where you roll in your machines and bring in your elite friends, and their other elite friends, for the weekend, before flying away to your next party destination.




But to us, Singapore is our home. We are here for the long term. We have our own calculations and considerations. If we decide that we want to host your party for a few more years, then so be it. But if we decide not to host, then I guess it’s too bad.

In that event, just take your money and your party elsewhere.

Thank you very much.







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  1. Well said and putting Mr G.P. in his rightful place!

    Thanks for this wonderful open letter.

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