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Amazon is coming to Singapore!

Unless you have been living under the rock, you would have heard that Amazon is intending to expand into Singapore in 2017. A source close to the company even said that they are intending to launch selected services as soon as within the first quarter of 2017.

So while we wait patiently for Amazon to announce the official launch, here’s a wishlist of interesting things we hope will be available on Amazon SG.

Remote controlled shark

A remote controlled car? That’s passé.  Why would you want that when you can have a remote controlled shark instead?


Navigate this around the house and kajiao your sister, or your pet.

Kindle Paperwhite + Ebook Store

Book lovers will rejoice if they can finally get their Kindle Paperwhite and ebooks here in Singapore!

Then there’ll be no need for us to jump through multiple hoops via a VPN to buy the ebooks for our kindles.

All the aunties can now secretly read their 50 shades of grey on their kindles, without turning 50 shades of pink on the trains.


Magnetic Masks

For the beauty junkies out there, we introduce the magical magnetic masks.

According to the product description – it helps you renew your skin cells, decrease the pores, enhance the complexion etc – essentially it claims to give you better skin. But what’s more cool about this product is this:


Makes you feel like Magneto, doesn’t it?

Unicorn Popper Toy

An alternative for your nerf guns – get the Hog Wild Unicorn Popper White Sunshine Toy.

It shoot rainbow balls – guaranteed to make everyone happy. Don’t ask why, just buy.


And now we wait.


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  1. dereth


    This is not good. Look at Newegg’s attempt to do so.

    We thought Newegg will bring about deals when they reach SG. NOPE. It became as expensive as anything locally bought. And it was such a limited range of products.

    If Amazon comes here, there will probably end the AmazonGlobal Eligible programs and everyone here will have to buy SD cards at double or triple the price.

    What about Amazon Prime and all that digital content? Look at the shitty selection we get with local Netflix compared to US.

    Stop. Please. Don’t come here.

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