According to CNA, the Malaysian deputy transport minister Aziz Kaprawi said on 15 Nov that the number of Singapore vehicles entering Malaysia has not decreased despite the implementation of the RM20 road charge on 1 Nov 16.

Aziz Kaprawi said that Singaporean tourists were still coming in to Johor for quality food and tourist attractions despite the charge. He also said that the Malaysian government could collect as much as RM144 million a year in revenue from the road charge.

RM20 works out to be around SGD6.60. With the weak Malaysian ringgit and expensive cost of living in Singapore, it is little wonder why Singaporeans are still flocking to Malaysia for food and leisure, to pump petrol and to stock up on household items like diapers, cooking oil and milk power.

According to Expatisan, the cost of living in Johor Bahru is 60% lower than the cost of living in Singapore.

And oh by the way, the Singapore government said that we will match any increase in Malaysia’s tolls. It has been two weeks since the Malaysians started charging us, but still no sound from our transport ministry yet.

Krik Krik!

But cut Minister Khaw Boon Wan some slack lah. He just cracked the challenging and mysterious case of the Circle Line signal fault. Very taxing one, okay?

Minister Khaw, come, we clap for you!