Be careful when you are travelling on the escalator with your young ones. Do not play on your phone. Always watch what you are stepping on.

Watch the videos below. Do not be the next victim on the escalator.


Children toes getting stuck in the escalators teeth.


Parents who insisted on pushing their strollers on the escalators only to lose their grips on the handle and see their stroller (with their child insider) tumble down the escalator.


Escalator collapsing and swallowing the passengers whole like a sinkhole.


[Latest] A baby falls over the handrail after the care giver loses the balance on the escalator.

悚!阿嬤搭手扶梯不慎 手中男嬰墜3樓亡

【東森方新聞】悚!阿嬤搭手扶梯不慎 手中男嬰墜3樓亡#車部編:別怪罪誰,大家都不想要意外#請分享:家長帶孩子出門真的要小心…影片來源:騰訊視頻#手扶梯 #嬰兒 #墜

Posted by 東森新聞 on Friday, November 11, 2016


Sure these pics depicted the scenes in China. Accidents can happen anywhere. Better be safe than sorry. Be extra vigilant when you take the escalator.