The zhng-ed (or revamped) Bukit Timah Nature Reserve has reopened after a two-year hiatus. Here are the 5 things we would do the next time we pay a visit there:

Go hiking


Avid hikers can rejoice!

NParks has also added intermediate steps to the more challenging routes so you can access these routes more easily.

We kid.

Run cross country

Lest you think the folks at NParks were slacking, they were actually carrying out slope stabilisation work and restoring the trails during the two years the nature reserve was closed.

This makes it safer as increased usage of the nature reserves over the years has caused the trails to widen and small landslides to occur in some areas.

If only there was a milo truck at the end of the trail


 Keep a lookout for the Malayan porcupine




Also check out the Slow Loris



According to NParks’ Group Director (Conservation) Mr Wong Tuan Wah, the presence of the Malayan porcupine and slow loris is a good indicator of the forest’s health.

In his words: “It actually indicates that the forest is still in very good condition, and that many of these species are still around here,” he said. “For example, some species we thought were extinct – by definition, have not been seen for more than 50 years – we rediscovered them in this survey”

Hunt for Pokemon

 If you really cannot leave your phone alone, then I guess you can go catch some Pokemon then.