So, you would have known by now that there was an exam paper mix up. 73 Secondary Five students from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School  and Woodgrove Secondary School sat for the wrong paper. They had sat for a Math paper with the subject code 4048, when they should have been given the paper with the old syllabus code 4016.

And poor students, hor?


Naturally, people were quick to blame MOE, the SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board) and the schools for the mistake.

But a secondary four student rightly pointed out that the students have to take some of the blame too.


So… registration takes months even before the exam takes place. And upon registration, students are given a slip, in which they have to check if the subjects they are taking tally with the codes. The students failed to do so.

And closer to the exam, students will be given an entry proof, which they should again check if the codes tally. They again, failed to do so.

And may I add, in the exam hall, students will be asked to check if they received the correct paper before the start of the exam. They failed to do so too.

So sure, by all means flame the schools and MOE. They deserved it. Those poor sods probably don’t   deserve their performance bonus next year.

But I think we should expect more from 17year olds taking national examinations, too.

It would be a great failure of our education system if we have produced a nation of sheeps who can’t be bothered and expect to be spoonfed the whole time.


That is all.

The end.