Singaporean Nathan Hartono, 25, made history when he finished second-place in the immensely popular Sing! China competition held last month in Beijing.


He made Singaporeans remember that Singaporeans could make it big overseas just by singing alone.

Natahn Hartono can rest assured that he has his feet firmly planted in the Chinese market after his showing in Sing! China

Previously, the singer with the biggest impact in the region was our first Singapore Idol (in 2004) – Mr Taufik Batisah!  He too, has successfully ventured  into the Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei market swooning his audience with his pop Malay songs.


Who will be the next Singaporean to break into the international market ?

The answer it seems is 15 year old Natalie Ong.

She recently earned the praise of Adam Lambert after her cover of Etta James’ I’d Rather Go Blind in the auditions.

She was born in Singapore but is currently based in Melbourne.

(Our soccer may be hopeless and i have resigned to the fact that we can never reproduce another golden generation of footballers.)

Singapore it seems, is heading into a period of extraordinary Singers.

Let’s show the world what we can do in the entertainment business. You have our support Natalie!