Singaporeans woke up to a groundbreaking revelation today.

You don’t need much space to have sex.

Or so Josephine Teo, Senior Minister of State at National Population and Talent Division, says. She was responding to a reporter’s question on whether young people are not getting their flats early enough to have children.

Singaporeans, naturally, skewered the usually media savvy politician for her faux pas. Reactions were snide to downright personal.




Here’s 3 reasons why Josephine deserves to get flamed:

1) Copulation is more than physical space. It’s also about emotional space.

People need their boundaries, for erm, things to happen.



2) If it takes a village to raise a child, does a village look like a small space to you?

Ok lah, Josephine’s not technically incorrect. Procreation can take place in a car, a public toilet and even a HDB staircase.

But we hope Jo Teo remembers that sex is the easiest part of child-raising. After all, gahmen always tells us to think long-term. When things happen, where to put the baby huh?




A house is more than just a physical space. It has material, social, and emotional importance for young couples planning to start a family. For families, it is a sanctuary, and it offers stability and financial security. We are guessing Jo Teo did not raise her 3 kids in a car, public toilet or HDB staircase.

3) Jo Teo just pissed off a whole lot of conservatives and Chinese purists





But of course, we have the rational, moderate Singaporean who swoops in to save the day – and inferred Mrs Teo’s  broader point that conception boils down to a matter of self-will and personal choice.



Well if people can board the trains if they choose to, we guess Singaporeans can conceive in small spaces too, if they want to.