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Lim Swee Say told fresh grads not to be too picky in finding a job, but..

So, at a dialogue session yesterday, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say told over 50 fresh graduates that they shouldn’t be picky in finding a job.

Fair advice, really. Especially given the gloomy economic outlook.

But what really stood out in the report for me though, was a particular quote from a particular fresh grad present at the dialogue.

Enter Mr Navjeev Singh.

And I was like, eh hello, if even Oxford University graduate also cannot find job then the rest of us mere mortals how?

So I did a little CSI. And there’s what I found.

So apparently, Mr Navjeev Singh here is a PSC Singapore Government Scholarship (Open) awardee back in 2010. (Source: Data.gov.sg)

He also holds a first class honours from Oxford.


And he is about to embark on an exciting career as a foreign service officer with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Win liao lor.

I do think that Minister Lim Swee Say’s message is important. But Straits Times could have quoted someone more appropriate.

After all…


Hard truth.

Anyway, Mr Navjeev Singh, all the best to you in your career. Please remember that your Oxford educated was funded by taxpayers, and do look out for the rest of us when you become a Permanent Secretary or a minister twenty years later.

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