This is the period where Primary 6 students (12 year olds) sweat and their parents have panic attacks.

The Primary School Leaving Examination is here and students take the exams that most in society think will shape the rest of their lives (get into good schools, land good jobs, marry beautiful partners, have beautiful children) only to find out that it is a load of rubbish too late in their life later on.

For your knowledge, madrasah students take the PSLE too. This is in addition to their Islamic studies which includes the Arabic language and theology.

Even though they take the same PSLE as their secular counterparts, their approach is totally different.

 Feel the warm in your hearts slowly grow as you look at the pictures and the FB post by one of the teachers there.

Reproduced from Noor Isham Sanif FB


Seeking forgiveness on their last school day before the PSLE period starts: Everyone needs hugs.


Supplications for the Big Day ahead. Praying for calm and serenity and knowing that it will all be for the better. Includes, meditation and seeking guidance from the Almighty, leaving it to GOD’s will and trusting that you have done all you could as a diligent student.



In-between Breaks and awaiting for their next paper. Such maturity and calmness.



All the best to students taking the PSLE this year.

Despite barely reaching your teens – thank you for showing us what calmness, faith and belief looks like.

May your efforts bear fruit and help you achieve your dreams in life.