Since 1984, the Defence Ministry has constantly updated the different themes of Total Defence. The themes focused on conventional warfare and a nation rallying around the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and gradually shifted to an increased focus on non-conventional threats and personal responsibility. How is SGSecure any different?


(Source: Wikipedia)

Schools frequently organize activities, such as quizzes or fire drills, for students to remind them on the importance of Total Defence, to remind students that Singapore is defensible and is worth defending, and only Singaporeans would have the will to defend Singapore.

SGSecure in way-  is an extension of this drive (with extra focus on protecting the fabric of racial and social harmony)

“Just as we have Total Defence, which involves every Singaporean playing a part for the defence of Singapore, SG Secure must become a rallying call for Singaporeans from all walks of life to unite, to play a part in making Singapore a safe place”

To equip Singaporeans not only with the dexterity to help themselves and those around them during a crisis but also to develop  the empathy and awareness to resolve frictions that could undermine racial or religious harmony.

Because when an attack happens, how people respond will determine whether Singapore stands together or falls apart. People can respond out of fear, or work together to overcome the threats and PM Lee said:

“It’s quite clear what the answer is: Stand up, do the right thing, get prepared, gird ourselves.


Social and religious harmony actions must not just be lip service, they must ring true in day-to-day life.

To learn to give and take, to reach out to one another, and to speak out against racial and religious intolerance.

This is the spirit of SGSecure, the crux of Total Defence and the only way Singapore can truly protect herself.

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